#BlogchatterA2Z theme reveal: slice of life

Hello! I’m back. Or rather I should say #BlogchatterA2Z is back. This is my seventh year participating in the challenge and yes a total boast, I have completed all six attempts. It’s usually because I plan the fuck out of the AtoZ challenge to make sure I finish it and I read as many posts as is possible during April.

AtoZ is also the time I like to challenge myself. I am quite a firm fantasy and SciFi lover and write mostly that. So this time, I told myself that I will write “slice of life” kind of stories that have nothing to do with magic, dragons or rogue robots. Let me tell you, I hated every moment of writing these twenty-six stories but when I read them again, they weren’t so bad. Yes, I’m surprised too.

#BlogchatterA2Z theme reveal: slice of life
Me being my dramatic self

Since revealing titles had worked well for me in 2022, I thought I’ll do that this time as well:

A. All of me, loves all of you
B. Beautiful boy
C. Love don’t cost a thing
D. Sweet dreams are made of this
E. You can’t escape my love
F. Far over, the misty mountains cold
G. Howling ghosts, they reappear
H. Country roads, take me home
I. I’m feeling sad
J. Love is just a camouflage
K. Keep me in the warmth of your love
L. Losing my religion
M. From this moment on
N. What if I’d never run into you?
O. Oops! I Did It Again
P. Let the past just disappear
Q. Quarter after one
R. Carnival of rust
S. I love you like a love song
T. Think of me and I’ll be there
U. Caught in the undertow
V. Make this vision all brand new
W. Two drifters, off to see the world
X. Sólo con tu amor yo puedo eXistir
Y. I can be your hero baby
Z. I’ll follow you until you love me, paparazZi

If you notice, the titles are taken from songs. I have absolutely no idea how that happened. One minute I was writing a title and the next, all of them turned into lyrics from some song. Taking inspiration from fanfiction, I have also made a playlist on YouTube so you can check them here in case you want.

PS: if you’re participating and have written a theme reveal, don’t forget to leave it in the comments. I’d love to know what you’ll be writing in April. If you haven’t registered yet, you can register for #BlogchatterA2Z here.

I’ll see you in April!

Photo by Kaizen Nguyễn on Unsplash

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20 thoughts on “#BlogchatterA2Z theme reveal: slice of life

  1. What an interesting lineup of posts, Suchita! I admire your preparedness and I wish to take some inspiration and be this sorted at least for the next year’s challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your stories/posts are my top favorites to indulge in during April and AtoZ.. so looking forward to reading the 26 you’ve written this time around…
    P.S: Love the titles and the inspiration behind them 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You make it look tempting. I am still making up my mind. It the constraint of A2Z wasn’t there, I’d have joined. Do you have the content planned for all or have you simply thought of titles only?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting. I quite enjoy challenging my brain to come up with titles around the alphabet. But I also follow it loosely (using eXit for X). I would say join it, obviously 😛 I have content planned too. I used WAPAD for A2Z planning 🙂


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